poppin' (interlude)

Biddle Wit a Trey
That's how you say my name
Melody and everything, it's like a jingle n' shit
This that Lite Work

Bouta get this music poppin', bouta get this new shit poppin'
Cop a seat and get to watchin', cuz you ain't got no other options
Nothin' you can do to stop it, fuck the music that's been droppin'
Some of y'all just choose to rock with, rappers that just end up floppin'
But that shit ain't none of my business though, just know that ya boy got the sickest flow
I'm spittin' this shit with a mission though, I'm tryna get big on my fitness flow
Yeah I know the feelin' of feelin' like givin' up cuz people don't see the vision though
I'm tryna be makin' a killin' off killin' these beats I'll be there in a minute though
Gotta follow my dream though, even when this shit seem slow
Day ones on my team doe, Mil-Town with my lingo
This that "I Got a Dream" flow, Martin Luther with the speech though
Gotta get it for my people, we just tryna keep it equal
I'm just tryna bring as many people with me as I can
Show the homies how to eat and they go home to feed the fam
Tell my moms and tell my pops that they don't have to work again
And I'm sittin anybody down that don't understand