Nothing's luck

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
It’s like 7? 7:05 PM
We makin’ history, ain’t we?
I’m tryna document this shit
All of it
You gettin this?
Lite Work

Buckle up, you gotta a long road ahead of you dawg
Don’t fuck it up, another rapper blow instead of you dawg
Study up, have an answer when they question you dawg
They do the worst but they just tryna get the best of you dawg
Nothing’s luck, so know The Lord, He been blessin' you dawg
It don’t happen when you want cuz He protectin' you dawg
Remember that when problems stack and get to stressin' you dawg
Just make a pact to double back and reinvest in you dawg
I’m a perfectionist, perfectin' my incredible flaws
You gettin’ phony I’m like Stony and I’m settin it off