no bills (interlude)

Spendin' all this money like I ain't got no bills
Started from the bottom workin' for my life in the hills
I got people that need help that I left back in the Mil
Know I do this shit for you and those who know how it feels
Ok yup tried to tell you I'm the next one up in the game
All this drive I got behind me and you stuck in one lane
I got problems right beside me and that prolly won't change
But you always shinin' harder when you come through the rain
I’m just sayin’, I’m the man, I just do, I don’t plan
Understand, all that plottin' leave you niggas where you stand
Take a chance, make a band, play it cool, get some fans
Ain’t no way you makin’ moves and you scared to advance, yeah
Ride around the city with the same ol’ whip
Brand new year, same ol' shit
Brand new gear, same ol’ fit
Checkin’ off shit from the same ol’ list
I’m makin’ a statement that I won’t be stayin’ on livin’ room couches or sleepin’ in basements
Fuck all the beef, finna go ham, fill up the pan, bring home the bacon