"Everybody put ya muthafuckin' diamonds in the air one time
Put ya cell phone in ya fuckin' pocket
And put ya diamonds in the air right now
Put ya diamonds in the air New York City

Yeah, yeah, uh

I started like every artist, the hardest part is
Tryna show everybody this where ya heart is, heartless
People schemin' to stop the dreamin', I keep it guarded
I see red like a bull's eye, and you the target
Murderous on the microphone is all that I condone
I look around my surroundings and see that I'm alone
I'm writin' songs in my right mind with a righteous tone
I know with Christ as the light in my life I'm righting wrongs
I know it ain't easy
Do you believe in me, like I believe in me? 
All I see, are me and my dreams

I know I gotta work hard, so I'm gonna work hard
And oh I know, this road won't be easy

And don’t go thinkin’ for a second that it’s easy
Callin' all y'all out on y'all shit
And don’t go thinkin’ for a second that it’s easy

Workin' for a dream that ain't gon happen overnight
Ya boy about to takeoff and no we can't hold the flight
If I take out my bank account, shit I could fold it twice
So any number you namin’ know that it’s overpriced
I need bread, stack it ‘til the dough is shoulder height
See me on the TV in a ghost and call it Poltergeist
Pray enthusiastically and makin’ moves I hope it's right
I’m focused, I’m not dodgin’, I’m just prolly at a show tonight
But niggas talk about they goals on social when they home at night
Motivation this and that, you grindin’, and it sho' look nice
Find out that you fake as fuck
Binge watchin Shameless and Grey's
And oh shit, a new stand up from Dave
Get on Hulu and put New Girl in your new list of faves
Then take a pic of all the shit you claim to do in a day
And if you do it’s okay, just tell the truth don’t be shamed
A lot of you in the game, it's only a few that can hang
It ain’t easy

And don’t go thinkin’ for a second that it’s easy
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And don’t go thinkin’ for a

Muthafuckas think this shit is just gon' fall in they lap
Gotta grind that shit out
Every day, every day
One step closer
At the end of the day, make a check list, to-do list
Do what you gotta do
Progression in succession
It's all about, progression in succession
Build momentum