Imagination (Interlude)

Yeah, yeah

All I have is my imagination
Makin' these musical creations to send me on beautiful vacations
All I ask is, when ya boy make it
Make it a point to bring the hatin' down and into the basement
I'm facin', all the odds
It's impossible for all, but God
I know I got it, so I try to keep it calm inside
And while it's on my mind
Word to the girls who often hide
Behind the truth and tell them awkward lies
I'm lost & often find myself tryna save it
Tell my doctor that it hurts and she just tell me be patient
I'm waitin
Used to believe in a lot, but now that lot is vacant
Usin' me cuz I'm not, the guy to leave 'em hangin'
Usually I can spot, somebody tryna fake it
Foolin' me with ya plots and flirty conversations
Truly I'm so far removed from it all
That I don't even make a move when I see you on the call
I got too much goin' on to think about you
Goals need my attention and not to mention
I went and got a 9-5 job and that takes a lot outta me
Seems I gotta hold it down if I want me a shot at these
Dreams keep me occupied, tied up, and productive
So I really ain't got no time, and that ain't up for discussion
I'm workin'

Slow down
And take the time, to unwind, you know you need it
You tell me that you're fine but I don't believe it, yeah
Let it go, let it go, cuz it's over
And open up to closure